Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator
December 31, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella receives US Patent

We are very pleased to have received the US Patent # 10,857,360 for our Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator.

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December 14, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella Android App V3.0

We have released a new version of the Android Cervella app (version 3.0) available on the Google Play Store. We eliminated the need for the user to register and log into use account. Instead, the treatment data is stored on...

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December 7, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella Charging Questions

We occasionally receive questions regarding Cervella charging. Below, we would like to offer you some explanations:

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October 27, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella Ear Cushions | User FAQs

Under normal use and with care, the ear cushions should last for 6-12 months. If your device is working intermittently (as indicated by the BLUE LED going from blinking to solid and the app timer pausing) you may be due...

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June 22, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella iOS App Update 2.1

Hello Cervella users! We wanted to let you know that a new version of the Cervella App is now available in the Apple App Store. For this release, we reduced the searching time out from 40 seconds to about 10...

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March 21, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella for Quarantined Patients

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the number of patients needing to stay in isolation/quarantine for an extended period of time. Many of the quarantined patients have or are beginning to show symptoms of anxiety and often comorbid depression or...

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March 4, 2020 / By cervella

Did You Know?

Did You Know … You can easily test the Cervella system for proper set-up and operation by connecting the Cervella to the headset with the cable, starting the treatment in the Cervella App, and gently touching the Cervella electrodes (the...

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October 28, 2019 / By cervella

Cervella for Android App Update

We have published an update to the Cervella App on the Google Play Store. We improved compatibility with the newly-released Android 10 operating system and enhanced Bluetooth compatibility with various Bluetooth devices. As you install this update on your smart...

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September 27, 2019 / By cervella

How a Tiny Electrical Current to the Brain Is Treating Medical Symptoms

The Cervella device was mentioned in the recent issue of IEEE Pulse which is a magazine discussing advances in medical devices and biology in society.

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September 13, 2019 / By cervella

Our Story in the Indianapolis Business Journal

Today, we have received a great coverage by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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July 31, 2019 / By cervella

Cervella iOS App Update 2.0.1

Quick note for customers with iOS (Apple) smart devices. Today, we made a very minor revision to the iOS version of the Cervella App by simplifying the registration process. As described in the last FAQ post, some customers reported difficulty...

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July 21, 2019 / By cervella

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most of the pre-orders are in the hands of patients and clinicians, we complied a list of some of the frequently asked questions. We would also like to provide you with some tips in order to make your...

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July 10, 2019 / By cervella

Cervella is Now Shipping!!!

We are happy to report that we are almost a month ahead of the availability deadline and extremely proud of the entire Cervella team for delivering this complex, brand-new medical device ahead of schedule with excellent attention to product quality! ...

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May 29, 2019 / By cervella

Getting Ready for Your Cervella

Cervella production is in full-swing. Most of the device production is now completed; we are now working on quality checks, final production tests, kitting and packaging. We are still on-track to have your Cervella shipped before the end of July....

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