Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Frequently Asked Questions

July 21, 2019 / By cervella

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most of the pre-orders are in the hands of patients and clinicians, we complied a list of some of the frequently asked questions. We would also like to provide you with some tips in order to make your Cervella set-up and operation experience as smooth as possible. As always, please watch the Set-up Video and read the Owner’s Manual first.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Apple iOS customers:

We’ve been alerted that for some user who use Apple iOS smart devices, if your screen was NOT set to “Zoomed” mode , you were not able to not see the three (3) check boxes on the registration screen preventing you from completing registration for the Cervella app.

Solution: We have released a new version of the iOS App (2.0.1) on iOS that resolves this issue. Please update your Cervella app.

NOTE: The user name and password is case sensitive and by default, the app capitalizes the first letter of the user name and password field so please keep this in mind.

Logging in and out from the Cervella App

We wanted to remind you that during normal use you do NOT need to log-in and log-out from the app during each time you want to use the Cervella. Cervella app will keep you logged-in even if you close the app, so next time, you start the Cervella app, you will already be logged-in. The log-out should only be used if you have more than one person sharing the Cervella device and you want each person have own treatment records under his or her own account.


Before you can pair Cervella you should charge it (full charge will turn the LED on the Cervella to solid GREEN). We ship Cervella devices with only a partial charge which may be insufficient for the device to “wake up” and be visible for pairing unless you charge it first. Also, ensure that your smart device allows Incoming Bluetooth Connections. TIP: Always pair the Cervella device first, and then pair the Cervella headset next as described in the manual.


One of the questions we received is why there are no ON/OFF buttons and whether Cervella’s battery will drain when not in use.

Cervella features the Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology which allows the Cervella device to wake up and go to sleep automatically without the need for ON/OFF buttons. Anytime you close the Cervella app completely or do not use the Cervella app for a while and the LED on the Cervella device turns OFF, Cervella goes into a sleep mode which reduces the battery consumption to a minimum. Therefore, you will not have to recharge the Cervella before each treatment but keep in-mind that Cervella battery level must be at least 20% for the app to operate. See the following table for the meaning of the various LED colors:

Checking Cervella’s Battery Level

You can monitor the Cervella battery level in the Pairing Menu inside the Cervella App as shown below: