Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Cervella Charging Questions

December 7, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella Charging Questions

We occasionally receive questions regarding Cervella charging. Below, we would like to offer you some explanations:

First, please understand that there are two, independent, batteries that you have to charge. First battery is inside the Cervella stimulator (the square device with the Cervella “C” on top). This is the “brains” of the device, it has the circuitry that generates the electrical current, contains the Bluetooth communication hardware to talk to your Cervella app, etc. You should charge the device FULLY prior to first use and then, as needed, as indicated by the battery level on the Cervella app (pairing menu) OR when the LED on the Cervella blinks RED. Fully-charged Cervella should allow you to complete several treatments before needing to be re-charged. IMPORTANT: You MUST use the original Cervella charger cable as we have a special, longer, charging tip. Using non-genuine cable may not charge the device fully or at all.

The second battery is inside the Cervella headset. This battery is used for the noise-cancelling and Bluetooth audio communication which not required for the Cervella treatment. Therefore, you do not need to charge this battery prior to treatment but only if planning to use the audio features or noise-cancelling features of the headset. When the battery in the headset is low, you will hear audible “battery low” notification.