Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Did You Know?

March 4, 2020 / By cervella

Did You Know?

Did You Know …

You can easily test the Cervella system for proper set-up and operation by connecting the Cervella to the headset with the cable, starting the treatment in the Cervella App, and gently touching the Cervella electrodes (the gold portion of ear cushions) together as shown.

If everything is set-up and connected properly, you will notice that as soon as the electrodes are touching, the timer on the app starts and the Cervella “C” LED is blinking BLUE. Correspondingly, when the electrodes are not touching the electrical circuit is broken, and the timer pauses and the Cervella LED is stays solid BLUE.

During treatment, when the headset is positioned on patient’s head, the brain completes the electrical circuit as the microcurrent of electricity flows through one electrode, through patient’s brain, and through the other electrode. Therefore, if the electrodes are not making good electrical contact with the skin, the electrical path is broken and the treatment is paused.

Did you Know …

Some patients build up resistance to the “tingling” sensation and, after several days/weeks of treatment, no longer feel the “tingling.” Some, understandably, begin to worry thinking the Cervella stopped working or is malfunctioning. Let us explain, what is happening and offer some suggestions.

First, resist the urge to “crank up” the stimulation intensity as it has been demonstrated, through clinical research, that stronger stimulation does not necessarily equal better of faster outcomes. Remember, the key to success is to use the device daily for full 30 minutes even if you no longer feel the tingling. 

As long as the Cervella “C” LED is blinking blue and the timer on the app is counting down, the device is working properly as the built-in microcontroller maintains the current levels automatically. Second, try to use lesser gel amount on the next treatment and you will likely see that the less gel you use, the more “tingling” you feel. This is because the gel lowers the skin resistance allowing the electricity to penetrate the skin resistance.