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Cervella Ear Cushions | User FAQs

October 27, 2020 / By cervella

Cervella Ear Cushions | User FAQs

Under normal use and with care, the ear cushions should last for 6-12 months. If your device is working intermittently (as indicated by the BLUE LED going from blinking to solid and the app timer pausing) you may be due for ear cushion replacement. You can purchase the replacement ear cushions HERE. The replacement instructions are provided under THIS link. 

TIP: You can make your ear cushions last longer by always cleaning the excess conductive gel after the each treatment. You can do this by wiping the ear cushions dry with a cloth after each treatment. A build-up of dried excess conductive gel may prevent the device from functioning proper

Here are  answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received from our customers and healthcare providers:

Q: How do I know that the current is flowing and the Cervella device is operating properly during treatment? 

A: There are two indicators. First, the LED on the Cervella box will be blinking BLUE. Second, the counter on the Cervella app will count down treatment time. If the LED is solid blue or the counter is stopped, you do not have good contact between the gold electrodes of the headset and your mastoid area or you do not have the device connected properly.

HINT: you can test the operation of the Cervella system by starting the treatment and just touching the two ear cushions together. You should see the LED blinking blue and timer counting down and stop as soon as you separate the ear cushions indicating a break in the connection.

As always, please resist increasing the current intensity level as stronger does result in faster or better clinical outcomes. Always use your Cervella at the lowest setting where the tingling sensation is just barely perceptible. Use a small amount of gel. You can see the proper way to apply the gel by watching the Cervella set-up and operation video.

Q: I have been using Cervella for a few days but I cannot yet tell whether it is working for my condition. 

A: Unlike pharmaceuticals, which often seem to have some effect within a few days, CES therapy is a slower and gradual process, especially in more acute cases. Some patients feel the benefits of the treatment after only a few treatment sessions by noticing improved sleep patterns and reduced anxiety (especially if used during an anxiety attack). For others, it takes a few weeks of daily treatments to see a marked improvement. If you don’t respond immediately, please give it a bit more time. Remember, it is important that the device is used daily for full 30 minutes until conditions improve.

Lastly, you can find additional answers to FAQs by following this link and at the bottom of Patient Info and Clinical Info pages.

Q: How do I know that my Cervella device is charging properly and holding charge?

A: When you charge your Cervella device, the Cervella LED should blink RED and turn solid GREEN when charge is completed. If you were to plug the Cervella into the charger again after a full charge, you will see the LED blinking RED again making you think the device is not holding charge. However, this is done on purpose in order to extend the lifespan of the battery inside the Cervella device. You see, the Li-Ion batteries do not like to be charged to 100% so we purposely do not “top off” the battery charge so that we can extend the battery number of charge cycles. That is also why when you go to the Pairing menu in the Cervella app after full charge you can often see the Cervella charge level to be 99% instead 100%. Your device is charging and operating exactly as intended.