Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Cervella is Now Shipping!!!

July 10, 2019 / By cervella

Cervella is Now Shipping!!!

We are happy to report that we are almost a month ahead of the availability deadline and extremely proud of the entire Cervella team for delivering this complex, brand-new medical device ahead of schedule with excellent attention to product quality! 

We know that both patients and clinicians are eager to receive their Cervella devices so please read the following so your Cervella device can be shipped out as quickly as possible. 

Here are the next steps for everyone that has pre-ordered the Cervella devices:

Orders will be shipped in the order of the pre-order date. All pre-ordered customers will soon receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pay for your pre-ordered device(s). Please take the time to read the Terms and Conditions prior to payment and remember to check your SPAM folder as our e-mails may have inadvertently landed there. 

Some of you have not yet provided us with the prescription so you will need to either upload the prescription by logging to your account (preferred), or have your clinician fill it out and send it via an e-mail or fax shown on the prescription form. You can get the prescription form here. NOTE: we cannot ship you the product unless it has been paid for AND we have received a valid prescription.

It is now a good time to download the Cervella App and register your account within the App. You can download the Cervella App from the Apple App Store (if you own a Apple device) or Google Play store (if you own an Android device).

Last but not least, please watch the Cervella set-up and operation video.