Cervella FDA-Cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Back from ADAA and some FAQs

March 31, 2019 / By cervella

Back from ADAA and some FAQs

We are back from ADAA (Anxiety and Depression) conference in Chicago. We had a great turnout and we are so happy to have received such a positive response to Cervella. We are pleased to hear that you share our enthusiasm for the design and features of Cervella which will increase compliance and, in result, improve treatment outcomes. Thank you all who stopped by the booth and demoed the product.

Here are some answers to some frequently-asked questions that are coming in now so we post these and hope that you will find these helpful:

Medcape, who copied our press release, did us a (dis)favor by accidentally reporting the device price being $69 instead $695 (they have now corrected this). This had the effect of crashing our server as we got thousands of inquires! I hope that everyone understands that this is a complex medical device with tremendous amount of R&D behind it, so $69 is unfortunately never going to happen with a device of this complexity. We worked really hard to make it as affordable as possible understanding that for many this will be out-of-pocket expense due to lack of medical reimbursement.

Patients will need a prescription to buy the device. Once we turn on pre-orders, we will have an RX form (PDF) for patients to download and take to their healthcare provider. Once filled-out, they can attach the prescription during check-out process. This will allow us to ship the product to the patient. The prescription will have to be filled by a licensed healthcare provider (e.g. MD, psychologist, licensed therapist).

Availability. We target Summer of 2019 for shipping and we will accept pre-orders within a month or so. Best thing for a patient to do in meantime is to get a prescription filled out so when we have these available, the patient will be ready to order the device without delay. Again, the patient will be able to use our RX PDF form or (for instance if you are a healthcare professional ordering it for your own use), you can just have your healthcare provider use his or her prescription form.