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Cervella for Android App Update

October 28, 2019 / By cervella

Cervella for Android App Update

We have published an update to the Cervella App on the Google Play Store.

We improved compatibility with the newly-released Android 10 operating system and enhanced Bluetooth compatibility with various Bluetooth devices.

As you install this update on your smart device, please keep in-mind the following:

1. When pairing the Cervella device, always pair the Cervella main device first (from inside the Cervella app) before pairing your Cervella audio headset (inside the Bluetooth menu). Also, ensure no other Bluetooth devices (e.g. Bluetooth speakers) are connected with your smart device during the pairing process.

2. When moving the Cervella device from one smart device to another smart device, unpair Cervella first inside the Cervella app before pairing it with another smart device. Otherwise, the Cervella app on your new device may not “see” the Cervella device in the pairing menu inside the Cervella app.